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Henry and Clara Ford lived in a number of homes in their years together, 16 in fact (not including their vacation houses). These homes document their first home together, the rented home where Edsel was born, Bagley Ave. - where Henry built the Quadricycle, and finally Fair Lane, the home they built and stayed in their remaining years.

Ford Farm (Ford Birthplace), Ford Rd. and Greenfield, Dearborn, Michigan. Home where Henry was born and grew up.

Farm house with barn and windmill


Flaherty House, 802 Franklin Street, Detroit, Michigan. House of Henry's aunt Mrs. Rebecca Ford Flaherty. Henry's first home off the farm.
Late 1879
Two story clapboard house

Acc. 1660 box 98 p.o.16063 


Moir House, Moir Farm, Dearborn, Michigan. First home of Henry and Clara.
April 1888 – May 1889

Farmhouse with shed


Square House, Moir Farm, Dearborn, Michigan. First home built by the Fords.
May 1889 – September 1891
House with full wrap around porch



618 John R Street, Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
September 1891 – Spring 1892
Apartment over store in urban setting

Acc.188 box 110 p.188.26466


7 Washington Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
Spring 1892 – October 1892
Three story building across from park

Acc.1660 box 106 p.188.3818


162 Cass Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
October 1892 – May 1893


570 W. Forest Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented. Edsel Ford born here.
May 1893 – December 1893
Two story detached home

Acc.1660 box 98 p.o.4473


58 Bagley Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented. Home when Henry Ford built Quadricycle.
December 1893 – July 1897
Two story row house



72 E. Alexandrine Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
July 1897 – October 1899
One story clapboard house with woman and child

Acc.1660 box 88 84.1.1660.p.188.4756.A


1292 Second Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
October 1899 – Autumn 1900


Mrs. Hewitt’s House, 36 Clifford Street, Detroit, Michigan. Clara paid room and board here for the week of 29 October 1900 and Edsel gave the Clifford Street Address to his school.
October 1900.


582 West Grand Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. House owned by Henry’s father, William Ford.
Autumn 1900 – October 1901
Three story single family home

Acc.1660 box 106 p.188.26460 


332 Hendrie Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
October 1901 - September 1905
Apartment row

Acc.1660 box 98 p.188.26463


145 Harper Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Rented.
September 1905 – May 1908
Row of attached houses

Acc.1660 box 98 p.188.26467


66 Edison Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Built by the Fords. Architect: William Higginbotham, carpenters: Maylow Brothers, decorations: Harry Dean, masonry: Frank Goddard.
June 1908 – February 1915
Large three story home with yard



Ten Eyck Farm, Dearborn, Michigan. Temporary Dearborn home of the Henry Fords while Fair Lane was being completed.
February 1915 – November 1915
Two story farmhouse in winter

Acc.1660 box 97 p.o.1968


Fair Lane, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, Michigan. Built by the Fords. Original architects: Von Holz and Fyfe, original contractor: Frank Goddard, both replaced in 1914 with W.H. Van Tine who became architect and manager/contractor for the project. Powerhouse designed by Mark A. Replogie.
November 1915 – September 1950
Stone mansion surrounded by woods



Vacation Houses:

Harbor Beach Cottage, 60 mile north of Port Huron, Michigan. Summer home.
c. 1914 – 1929
Two story brick cottage



Grosse Ile Estate, Grosse Ile, Michigan. Summer home.
c. 1920s
Farmhouse on surrounding property

Acc.1660 box 98 p.o.16028 


Huron Mountain Club, Big Bay (Upper Peninsula), Michigan. Summer home.
1929 - 1950

Large stone and wood cabin in woods


The Mangoes, McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida, next to Thomas Edison’s Home. Winter home.
1916 – 1931. Sold in 1945.
House behind trees and shrubs

Acc. 1660 box 98 00.1334.243


The Bungalow, Pequaming, Michigan. Summer home (Ford only visited, never stayed overnight).
1923-1942. Sold in 1952.
Large two story plantation style house

Acc.1660 box 165 p.833.83072.27 


Richmond Hill, Ways Station, Georgia. Winter home.
1937 – 1950
Two story planation house

Acc.1660 box 103




   Acc. 1 Fair Lane Papers
      box 31 Moir House and Square House
                  618 John R Street
                  7 Washington Boulevard
                  162 Cass Avenue

                  570 West Forest
                  58 Bagley Avenue
                  72 East Alexandrine
      box 32 1292 Second Boulevard
                  Mrs. Hewitt's House
                  582 West Grand Boulevard
                  332 Hendrie
      box 33 Harper Avenue
                  66 Edison Avenue
      box 34 66 Edison Avenue
                  Ten Eyck House
      box 35 Fair Lane
                     Mansion Construction

      box 36-40 Fair Lane
      box 41-43 Fair Lane
                          Gardens and Grounds
      box 43 Harbor Beach cottage
                  Huron Mountain Club cottage
                  Fort Myers, Florida
                  Richmond Hill Plantation, Georgia
      box 192 (oversize) Fair Lane, Huron Mountain Cottage, Richmond Hill (drawings and maps)
                                     Ford family farm lands, collected deeds, 1834-1854

   Acc. 2 Henry Ford Office Papers. Records Stored In 1919 Series
      box 1-10 Architect estimates for Fair Lane, April 1914-November 1916
      box 11 Checks and vouchers, sub-contracts on Henry Ford at Dearborn, August
                     1914-March 1916

   Acc. 1036 Construction Department Records Series
      box 8 Contains contracts, invoices etc., relating to phases of alterations, construction, etc. of
                     Henry Ford residence Fairlane, alterations etc.

   Acc. 47 Dearborn Realty and Construction Company
      box 1 Ford, Henry Agreements with D.R.&C Co.
      box 4 Miscellaneous construction charges for Henry & Edsel Ford residences, etc.

   Acc. 254 Henry and Clara Ford Financial Records Series
      box 15 Architect's checks, Fair Lane, 1914
      box 74 Henry Ford Estate contractor's agreements and construction orders, 1919-1920

                  Henry Ford residence purchase orders
      box 82 Ledger of accounts for contractors' vouchers includes Fair Lane service buildings

   Acc. 1120 Field Survey Notebooks Series
      box 1 Ford Estate and Dearborn Roads Survey, 1926-1930
      box 4 Ford Homestead Relocation

   Acc. 1605 Leonard B Willeke Collection
      box 1 Stable and garage at Fair Lane

                Service buildings at Fair Lane - floor plans

                Log cabin at Fair Lane - blueprints

                Detail sketches for buildings at Fair Lane

                "The Work of Leonard Bernhard Willeke, Architect, for Messrs. Edsel and Henry Ford

                      and Their Associates, 1916-1924," Thomas W. Brunk, Compiler and Editor, 1982

   Acc. 797 Jens Jenson Drawings Series
      box 1 Planting and grounds drawings and plans, 1914-1921
      OS folder Fair Lane Landscaping Plan, 1914

   Acc. 97 Richmond Hill Plantation Records Series

   Acc. 62 Henry Ford Office Papers
      box 13 Fort Myers, Florida
      box 47 Fair Lane construction


                     January 1916 - January 1917


                  Fort Myers property ("The Mangoes"), 1916

      box 88 Henry Ford Estate

                     Fort Myers residence

                     Log cabin


   Acc. 284 Henry Ford Office Papers
      box 7 Henry Ford residence

                   January – June, 1920

                   Contractor's vouchers

                   Services house

                   Special furniture
      box 8 Henry Ford Estate - service buildings

   Acc. 285 Henry Ford Office Papers
      box 7 Ford, Henry; Residence
      box 18 TI (includes B. E Tinstman re: Fort Myers, Florida residence)
      box 70 L110 T-Z 119 (includes William Lucking re: Goddard - Piggins Case on construction
                     of Fair Lane)
      box 79 B.E. Tinstman (Fort Myers residence)
      box 97 Henry Ford residence - special furniture
      box 106 Sidney Houghton re: alterations at Fair Lane, Dearborn
      box 107 K100 J-K 106 (includes John A. Kling, Chairman, The Kelley Island Lime &

                       Transport Company who supplied building stone for Fair Lane)
      box 115 B. E. Tinstman - Fort Myers, Florida residence (includes re: purchase of Charles W.
                       Stribley property)

      box 431 Mrs. N. L. Tinstman re: Fort Meyers Residence
      box 598 Charles of London - C.J. Charles 1927 (interior furnishings at Fair Lane)
      box 651 HOM540 L-M 547 (includes Household League Employment Bureau of Boston, re:

                       hiring of household help for Dearborn residence.)

      box 710 B.E. Tinstman (Fort Myers Florida Property)
      box 760 Charles of London re: Fair Lane Furnishings
      box 787 Henry Ford Residence

      box 939 Charles of London (For residence)

      box 966 Henry Ford Residence
      box 1062 Frank Stout Re: Remodeling Bungalow, Fort Meyers
      box 1168 Huron Mountain Club
      box 1240 B. E. Tinstman (expenditures - Fort Myers property)
      box 1282 Charles of London re: interior furnishings of Fair Lane, Dearborn
      box 1294 Robert O. Derrick, Inc. re: Huron Mountain Cabin - Residence, at Savannah
      box 1332 Huron Mountain Club (general)
      box 1448 Henry Ford Residence
      box 1461 Huron Mountain Club
      box 1621 Huron Mountain Club
      box 1788 Huron Mountain Club
      box 1834 Frank Stout re: Fort Myers, Florida Property
      box 1919 Huron Mountain Club; Receiving Memos, Delivery Orders
      box 1962 Frank Stout re: Fort Meyers, Florida Property
      box 2037 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2045 George Kingston - Fort Myers, Florida Property
      box 2082 Frank Stout - Fort Myers, Florida property
      box 2155 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2164 George Kingston - Fort Myers, Florida property
      box 2208 Frank M. Stout re: Fort Myers, Florida Property
      box 2318 HOU-HOV (includes House & Garden re: article on master residence at

                         Richmond Hill Plantation.)
      box 2320 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2346 The Lumbermen's Mutual Insurance Company re: Insurance on Huron Mountain
                         Bungalow, December 15, 1939
      box 2481 Residence Laboratory
      box 2514 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2568 Richmond Hill; Furniture for Residence
      box 2664 Henry Ford - General (includes: memo re: Residences 1892-1914)
      box 2698 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2708 George Kingston; Florida Property; Fort Myers, Florida Statements
      box 2853 George Kingston Re: Fort Myers, Florida Property
      box 2846 Huron Mountain Club
      box 2971 Huron Mountain Club
      box 3037 Fair Lane Rose Gardens, 1950

                      Ford Residence (Hold for reply - general)

                      Ford Residence - "Fair Lane" (Re: care of elm trees, 1950)


      box 3038 Estate of Clara J. Ford – Sale of Fair Lane to Ford Motor Company (1951)
      box 3042 Huron Mountain Club (1950-1952)

                         Cabin (re: disposal of Mrs. Ford's Membership and cabin. Removal of
                            furnishings in the cabin to Fair Lane Estate in Dearborn, Michigan, 1950-1951)
      box 3059 Verney, Gilbert (Re: Purchase of Richmond Hill Plantation Residence by Gilbert
                         Verney, 1954)

   Acc. 23 General Personal Records
      box 5 Huron Mountain, 1932-1938
      box 38 (Oversized) Henry Ford Estates, Cash Book, February 18, 1914-December 2, 1915

                                      Henry Ford Estates, Cash Book, December 4, 1915-November 27, 1916

   Acc. 13 Engineering Library Vertical File for Henry Ford
      box 10 Residences by Year from 1892 to 1914
      box 19 Richmond Hill Plantation, 1938-1945

   Acc. 292 Frank Campsall Records
      box 30 Savannah, Georgia properties

   Acc. 1700 Ford Motor Company Property Records
      box 6 Richmond Hill (Ga.); list of properties, maps, 1946-1950

   Acc. 587 Office of Henry Ford and Clara Ford Estate Records Series
      box 12 Residences, 1890-1900
      box 54 Richmond Hill; Appraisals and inventories,1946-1947, Architectural drawings and
      box 57 Sale of Richmond Hill properties, 1947
      box 81-90 Real Estate; Georgia acquisition documents
      box 92 Richmond Hill; Aerial photographs, 1947, Maps, 1944
      box 130 Dearborn residence and Dearborn Country Club property, 1908-1953 (includes

                       index cards summarizing purchases from some of the original landholders and

                       various property improvements)

   Acc. 93 Ford Farms, Pequaming, Fair Lane Records
      box 1 Folder 1 Drawings of Gate Lodge produced by Leonard Willeke

   Acc. 536 Public Relations Research Library Press Releases Subseries
      box 34 Fair Lane photographs and information, 1951-1953

   Acc. 378 Public Relations Research Library Subject Files
      box 2 Ford, Henry; Estate
      box 7 Richmond Hill, Georgia

                Richmond Hill Plantation

   Acc. 1420 Burt L Burley Papers
      box 1 Renovation of Fair Lane power plant
      OS Folder Blueprint: General overview and tail race extensions, 06 August 1977

                        Blueprint: Power plant floor plan top views, 03 September 1977

                        Blueprint: Panel Board Circuit, 23 October 1978

                        Blueprint: Water wheels at Henry Ford residence, 28 January 1914

   Acc. 384 Henry Ford Fair Lane Office Records
      box 1 Properties; Dearborn - Fair Lane, Richmond Hill, Georgia

   Acc. 588 Clara Ford Estate Records
      box 2 Fair Lane sale, 1951

   Acc. 572 Nevins and Hill Research Series
      box 10 No.9.29 Residences, Property

   Acc. 506 Mills, Edmunds and Nevins and Hill Series
      box 5 Fair Lane residence (notes and articles), 1955

   Acc. 940 Frank Ernest Hill Papers
      box 10 Residences

                  Residences and Property (3 folders)

   Acc. 1527 Ford R Bryan Papers
      box 11 Residences

                     Fair Lane


                        Building of Fairlane

                        Origin of Name

                        Water Rights

                     Fort Myers Residence


                        Edison-Ford Gala, 2000
      box 12 Residences
                     Richmond Hill Residence


                        Henry Ford Statue, 1999

                        Richmond Hill Guide

   Acc. 1117 David Lewis Papers
      box 1 Richmond Hill Residence, 1973-1975
      box 2 Residences, Henry Ford

                   Delhi Home , 1973

                   Fair Lane Gate House , 1973

                   Harper Avenue , 1973

                   John R. Street , 1973

                   Richmond Hill Plantation , 1972

   Acc. E.I. 186 Greenfield Village Buildings Records Collection
      box 30 Henry Ford Birthplace

   Small Accessions
      Acc. 1129 Research Paper, "The Mystery Behind the Wrightian Influence in the Ford
                          Fair Lane Home", 1973
      Acc. 1153 Fair Lane Estate History, 1974
      Acc. 1164 "Fair Lane Revisited” by Betty Rothbone, 1974
      Acc. 1313 Fair Lane Estate preservation feasibility study, circa 1975     

   Engineering and Aperture Cards
      drawer 1 Dearborn, Michigan; Moore (Moir) House
      drawer 3 Ford, Henry Dwellings; Bagley Ave, Fairlane, Richmond Hill
                     Fort Myers House
      drawer 5 Greenfield Village Buildings; Henry Ford Birthplace

   Acc. E.I. 43 Edward Cutler Ford Homestead Drawings

   Acc. 1660 Photographic Vertical File
      box 88 Ford, Henry; Dwellings
                     Alexandrine Ave.
                     Bagley Ave.
                     Edison Ave.
      box 89-97 Ford, Henry; Dwellings; Fair Lane
      box 98 Ford, Henry; Dwellings
                     Forest Ave.
                     Franklin Street (Flaherty House)
                     Grosse Ile
                     Harper Ave.
                     Hendrie Ave.
                     Huron Mountain Club
                     John R. Street
                     Mangoes, The
                     Moir House
      box 99-106 Ford, Henry; Dwellings; Richmond Hill
      box 106 Ford, Henry; Dwellings
                       Square House
                       Washington Ave.
                       West Grand Blvd.

   Acc. 833 General Photographs Series
      box 429 Ford residences – Fair Lane

   Acc. 188 Personal For Henry Ford Photographs Subseries
      neg 24337-365 Snow Scenes – Henry Ford Estate – Residence, 1-29-39
      neg 24076 Copy – Group of Men Working on Ford Home – 1915, 10-3-38

   Acc. 189 Photographs For The Company Series
      neg 378 Stone Building on Ford Estate (Under Construction), 8-5-19  

   Acc. 44 William J Cameron Records
      box 16 Picture File
                     Ford Residences

                        58 Bagley Avenue

                        66 Edison Avenue

                        Ford Homestead

                        145 Harper Avenue

                        618 John R. Street

                        582 West Grand Boulevard

   Acc. 00.1334.504 Richmond Hill Photograph Albums
      box 1-4 Photo albums, 1940s

Audio-Visual (materials may be restricted due to format, please contact reference staff in advance for access)
   84.1.600.21 "Fair Lane Presentation to University of Michigan," 1959

Oral Histories
   65_13 Faye I. Beebe (Hendrie Ave. neighbor)
   65_173 Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Scott (Edison Avenue)

   65_37 Rosa Buhler and J. D. Thompson (Fair Lane maid and butler)
   65_152 Robert Rankin (Fair Lane chauffeur)
   65_228 Rufus Wilson (Fair Lane chauffeur)
   65_50 Alfons De Caluwe (Fair Lane gardener)
   65_31 Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Brewer (Fair Lane landscape engineer)
   65_226 John H. Williams (Fair Lane houseman)

   65_120 John McIntyre (Fair Lane Powerhouse engineer)
   65_8 Leland Avery (Fair Lane gateman)
   65_ 108 E.G. Liebold (Fair Lane construction and design, p. 30)
   65_181 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Simpson (helped design Fair Lane, discussed construction)
   65_29 Mary Louise Gregory Brand (describes Fair Lane construction and purchase)

   65_32 Ben G. Brewton (Richmond Hill bookkeeper)
   65_114 Basco Mahaffey (Richmond Hill in charge of mechanical equipment)
   65_117 John Bell (Richmond Hill Sawmill and Carpenter Shop foreman)
   65_203 R. P. Thomson (Richmond Hill accountant and office manager)
   65_60 W. B. Eidson (Richmond Hill Sawmill supervisor)
   65_42 H. G. Cooper (Richmond Hill principal at George Washington Carver School)
   65_134 Ray Newman (Richmond Hill farm superintendent)
   65_105 Amber Lee (Richmond Hill Community House hostess)
   65_40 Constance Clark (Richmond Hill Public Health nurse)
   65_51 Albert De Lorge (Richmond Hill employee)
   65_115 Aimar Martin (Richmond Hill bookkeeper)
   65_126 E. D. Mitchum (Richmond Hill in charge of work crews)
   65_153 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rasmussen, Miss Carol Rasmussen, and Miss Kathryn Brady
                   (Huron Mountain Club employees)

   65_102 Charles A. Larson (Huron Mountain Club cabin construction, The Bungalow)
   65_109 E.G. Liebold (Fort Myers p.1507)
   65_224 Albert Westman (Bungalow gardener)

   Small Accessions
      Acc. 1621 Floyd F. Apple (Fair Lane powerhouse employee) oral history, 1925-1950

Vertical File

      Edison Street (Detroit)

      Fair Lane (Dearborn) (See also Box 1)







         Visitor brochures and booklets

         Power House

      Fort Myers, FL (The Mangoes)


      Harbor Beach, MI

      Huron Mountain Club (Michigan Upper Peninsula)

      Macon, MI

      Pequaming, MI (Michigan Upper Peninsula)

      Richmond Hill, GA (3 folders)

      Square House


   Fair Lane. University of Michigan-Dearborn
      917.74 F699 U58 1979

   Henry Ford Estate, Fair Lane. Ford R Bryan
      917.74 F699 2002 

   Henry Ford Estate, National Historic Landmark. University of Michigan
      728.8 H521 1994 REF

   Friends, Families, and Forays: Scenes from the Life and Times of Henry Ford. Ford R Bryan
      338.76292 F699 B915 2002

   Guide to the Records of Richmond Hill Plantation, Richmond Hill, Georgia 1925-1952.
   Ford R. Bryan
      025.1736 B915 1983 

   The Henry Ford Era at Richmond Hill, Georgia. Franklin Leslie Long
      338.76292 F699 L848 1998



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