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‚ÄčIn 1960, Carroll Shelby retired from auto racing and turned his attention to designing and building high-performance automobiles. While the vehicles are re-engineered and adapted from models produced by other manufacturers, they are considered some of the most successful performance cars ever made.

Below is a bibliography of material in our holdings for reference use on Shelby Racing.  If you have any questions about the material please let us know.



 Acc. 2009.158 Dave Friedman Collection

Photographs, slides, negatives, documents, programs and published material covering 60 years of automobile racing.

Photographic Subgroup Digital Images series

Shelby-American International Miscellaneous, 1958-1968

    Box 2      Nassau Speed Week, December 1958

                   9th Santa Barbara Road Races, May 31 - June 1, 1958

    Box 9      1962-1963. 1 of 2. Chavez Ravine @ Dodger Stadium March 1963 (Unprocessed)  

                   1962-1963. 1 of 2 Riverside C.S.C.C. 2/11/1963 (Unprocessed)

    Box 10    1962-1963 2 of 2. Bridgehampton Double 500, Sept. 14-15 1963 Long Island N.Y.     (Unprocessed)

                   1962-1963. 2 of 2. Road America 500, Elkhart Lake, WI, Sept. 6-7 1963 (Unprocessed)

    Box 14    1965-66. 2 of 3. -Nassau Speed weeks, Dec. 1965 (Unprocessed)

    Box 15    1965-66- 3 of 3- Nassau, Nov.27-Dec. 1966(Unprocessed)

    Box 16A  Mid-Ohio Trans American Sedan- June 10-11, 1967. Mansfield, OH (Unprocessed)

    Box 17    Slides, Neg, Contact Sheets – Daytona February 3-4, 1968 (Unprocessed)

    Box 24.   Nassau Speed Week.Dec 1963

    Box 26    1964.March.12 Hours Sebring

    Box 35

    Box 41    Cobra Coupe at Bonneville November 1965

    Box 43    1966.March.12 Hours of Sebring

    Box 45    1966.June.24 Hours of Le Mans

    Box 55    1967.June.24 Hours of Le Mans

    Box 57    August Shelby King Cobra Construction and Testing

    Box 80    1981 August Shelby-American Reunion

                   1995 June Shelby-American Reunion

    Box 91-93   Shelby-American International subseries

    Box 98    1962 Shelby Cobra Coupe

    Box 99    1967 Carroll Shelby Promotional

    Box 101   Misc.

                    Shelby Memorabilia, 1995

                    Shelby Reunion at Laguna Seca, 1989

                    Shelby Reunion at Sears Point Raceway, 1995

    Box 108- 111 Shelby-American International

    Box 111   Photographs – Head shots

                   Shelby, Carroll, undated

    Box 119  1965 Shelby-American International Shops

    Box 123  1995 Shelby American Reunion at Sears Point

    Box 133  1964 Shelby-American International Shops

                   1990-1991 Shelby Roast

    Box 158   Photographs-Prints- Race Car Builders & Teams- Shelby American Int.-1958-1964

    Box 160   Shelby Racing subseries

                    Correspondence and reports, 1962-1968 (6 folders)

                    Clippings and published material, circa 1962-1968

                    Ford Indy Program, 1928-1968


    Box 161   Ford Racing - Carroll Shelby

                    Shelby American Racing - Balcean, Cantwell, Agapian, O'Leary, Stucki

                    Shelby American Racing - Beebe, Negstad, Thompson, Frey, Sutcliffe, Johnson, Pabst, Collins

                    Shelby American Racing -  Box, Donovan, Kirkpatrick, Muhleman

                    Shelby American Racing - Davis, Passino, Simpson, Nedle Deke, Hill, Kwech, Bondurant, Ake, Pike

                    Shelby American Racing - Frey, Chance, Gurney, Joans

                    Shelby American Racing - Gardner, Smith, Culleton, Spencer, Salvadori, Grant

                    Shelby American Racing - Joans, Cramer, MacDonald, Popou, Lang

                    Shelby American Racing - John Cooper, Jones, Eaton, Fitzpatrick, Gerber

                    Shelby American Racing - Kretzschmar, Goodell

                    Shelby American Racing - Leslie, Holbert, Henney, Perry, Pierce, Collins, Negstad

                    Shelby American Racing - Negstad, Mann, Ohlsen, Sears, Uren, Olthoff, Peat, Amon, Whitmore, Burness

                    Shelby American Racing - Sears, Steele, Gurney

                    Shelby American / Indy & Laguna Seca – Ward, Brabham, Shelby, Geddes, J.L

Acc. 1039 James Drake Photographs

Collection comprised of 17 matted and mounted color photographic prints.
These untitled, undated images are dye-color transfer photographs of contemporary racing automobiles, race car drivers, racing crews, racing fans, and arenas. All document the 1967 racing season, a high profile motorsports year for the Ford Motor Company. Included are images of the Ford GT40 Mark IV (currently owned by The Henry Ford), the Ford Fairlane 500, the Shelby Mustang GT 500, and the Ghia Mustang concept car.

Acc. 2010.37.0 Dan Rubin Automotive Photographs

The Dan Rubin automotive photographs collection contains photographic prints, negatives, and slides documenting automobiles and automobile racing, primarily from 1952 to 1967.

Acc. 2012.25 Peter Bryant Papers

Peter Bryant papers. Included in the collection are project information relating to buses, electric cars and bicycles, a catering truck, and wind and solar generators. Also included is information relating to Peter Bryant's racing interests including CanAm and Shelby racing vehicles. The oversize engineering drawings include drawings relating to Bryant's specially designed racing car, the Shadow as well as the Shelby Series 1 car. Also included here are drawings for a heavy duty truck, a Continental bus and a special GM Mid Trans Bus.

Acc. 2015.69.0 Don "Sully" Sullivan Papers

The Don "Sully" Sullivan papers come a former Ford Motor Company engineer, and contain approx. 47 cubic ft. of engineering drawings, notes, and internal documents covering primarily a period from the 1950s into the 1980s. The material is spread across 48 boxes. There are also a number of rolled drawings, four audio and two video reminiscences with Mr. Sullivan about his life and experiences with Henry Ford as well as his later extensive time with Ford Racing.

Acc. 1686 P.J. Gaughan Collection

P. J. Gaughan was a product planning executive in the Central Product Planning Office (CPPO) in the mid 1950s and early 1960s. During this time, the CPPO assembled a large collection of photographs, taken at various auto shows, which were used by the Ford Motor Company Car Product Planning Department to analyze the styling of competitor cars between 1951 and 1967

Acc. 175 Automotive Product Literature Collection

The Automotive Product Literature collection is an intentionally assembled collection of sales, promotional and informational material published by automotive manufacturers and used primarily by automotive dealers or sales agents to market and sell automobiles. The collection includes sales brochures, press kits, press releases, service bulletins, photographs, comparative literature, color and trim books and color chips, salesman's manuals, owner's manuals and reference books for over 1000 past and present automobile manufacturers worldwide.

Shelby (Shelby-American) (1962 – 1989)

Acc. 2009.103 Phil Harms Collection

The Phil Harms Collection documents the history of open wheel automobile racing in the United States through still and moving images, data and statistics, event programs, publications, periodicals, and news clippings.

Harms Number 5401- 5, C Shelby #46 sports cars


24 Hours of Le Mans Trophy, 1967, 2014.82.1

24 Hours of Le Mans Trophy, 1967, 2012.56.1

Stetson Cowboy Hat, made 2009, Signed by Carroll Shelby, 2009.116.1

1967 Ford Mark IV Race Car, 71.83.1, Henry Ford Museum - Driving America – Racing

Audio/Visual Material

Oral History and Digital Images, 2008.130 Interview with Carroll Shelby, August, 2008 (Reference/research use only)

Oral History and Digital Images, 2008.129 Interview with Dan Gurney, August, 2008 (Reference/research use only)

Acc. 2007.40.0 Jon Hart Vintage Auto Racing Video Collection

The tapes were created by Jon Hart for a television program he was producing. The finished programs are a series of video essays covering topics like automobile museums and their collections, club meets and shows, rallies, racing, and auctions. Also included are interviews with automobile designers, builders and historians. The tapes include raw footage and completed programs. Topics covered include: racing at Elkhart Lake, Watkins Glen, and the Bahamas Grand Prix; car shows at Meadowbrook and other locations; and specific subjects like the Shelby Cobra. The dates range from 1986 to 1993. (Reference/research use only)

Books, Periodicals, and Secondary

Carroll Shelby’s Racing Cobra by Dave Friedman and John Christy

    629.228 C65, F911

Famous Auto Racing Thrills by George Sullivan

    796.72 S49, 1966

Inside Shelby American: Wrenching and Racing with Carroll Shelby in the 1960s by John Morton

    796.72 S544 M889 2013

Cobra: The Shelby American Original Archives, 1962-1965

    629.228 C65 F911 2002

Ford GT: The Legend Comes to Life by Larry Edsall

    629.228 F699 E24 2004

Shelby GT 40 by Dave Friedman

    796.7209 F699 F911 1995

Ford Small Block V8 Racing Engines 1962-1970 by Des Hammill

    629.2504 H224 2014

Carroll Shelby: The Authorized Biography, by Rinsey Mills

    796.72092 S544 M657 2012

Shelby’s Wildlife: The Cobras and Mustangs by Wallace A. Wyss

    629.228 C65 W995 1994

Daytona Cobra Coupes; Carroll Shelby’s 1965 World Champions by Peter Brock, Dave Friedman, and George Stauffer

    796.72 C65 B864 1995

Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans by A.J. Baime

    796.72 B161 2009

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