Bibliography: Ford Hawaiians


Ford Hawaiians Bibliography

This bibliography was compiled by staff of the Benson Ford Research Center’s Archives and Library Department based on materials in our collections. If you have questions about these resources, please use our Submit a Question feature. If you are interested in duplication, please see our Duplication Resources FAQ.


Ford News

  • Live performances
    • Ford Band concert, 3:13F:1:2. 4:7L:1:2
    • Steady Interest Aroused by Ford Exhibit at Fair (1925).5:23L:1+:2
  • Radio shows
    • Ether Waves Vibrant With WWI Programs. 3:6F:5:3-4, 3:24L:5:3-4
    • Radio Programs of Station WWI...Lively Spirit. 2:22F:6+:3-4, 3:16L:6+:3-4
    • Ukuleles Hum Hawaiian Songs, 2:14F:5:3-4, 3:8L:5:3-4
    • WWI Programs Continue to Delight.., 3:2F:4+:1-3, 3:20L:4+:1-3
    • All-Star Cast Entertains WWI...Audience. 4:5F:4+:1-3, 4:23L:4+:1-3
    • Applause Comes by Mail., 3:19F:5+:3-4. 4:13L:5+:3-4
    • Artistic Treat for WWI Audience, 5:1L:5+:3-4
    • Band Concerts Now Heard on Radio. 5:3L:8:3
    • Dixie Melodies. Old-Time Fiddling. Orchestra.... 4:2F:5+:2-3, 4:20L:5+:2-3
    • Ford Hawaiians Bring Music of Tropics... 3:13F:5+:2-3, 4:7L:5+:2-3
    • "Jep" Bisbee Fiddles for WWI, 4:1F:5+:3-4, 4:19L:5+:3-4
    • Radio Programs of WWI. 3:23F:4+:3-4, 4:17L:4+:3-4
    • Station WWI Presents Artistic Musical Treats, 3:17F:5+:3-4, 4:11L:5+:3-4
    • Appropriate Music Features Holiday Concerts.., 5:6L:4+:1-4
    • Comedy Artists Lighten WWI Programs, 5:20L:5+:1-2
    • Family Saxophone Quartet...Entertain WWI Folk, 5:10L:5+:3-4
    • Full Program by Master Class Pleases WWI..., 5:15L:8:2-3
    • Late December Programs at WWI. 6:6L:8:1-2
    • More Concerts by Band at Arcadia, 6:2L:1:1
    • New Orchestra Plays at WW1, 5:16L:5+:2-3
    • Realtor Singers. and Hawaiians Featured, 5:18L:5+:1
    • Russian Mandolins and Hawaiian Guitars at WWI, 6:3L:8:1-3
    • Soloist and Trio Make WWI Debut, 5:8L:5+:3-4
    • WWI Listens to the Music of Hawaii. 5:22L:8:1
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  • Answered By Archives & Library Staff @The Henry Ford

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