Bibliography: B-24 Bomber


B-24 Bomber Bibliography

This bibliography was compiled by staff of the Benson Ford Research Center’s Archives and Library Department based on materials in our collections. If you have questions about these resources, please use our Submit a Question feature. If you are interested in duplication, please see our Duplication Resources FAQ.


  • Acc. 435 Charles C. LaCroix Records 
    • box 2 Volume VII - Willow Run Bomber Plant
    • box 15 Willow Run Vol. 1

                     Camp Willow Run 
                     Chronology, 1941  
                     Study at San Diego  
                     List of Start Crews  
                     Breakdown of Airplane  
                     Original Plans for Plant  
                     Start of Construction  
                     Scheme No. 2  
                     Building of Airport  
                     Designing and Tooling  
                     Die Design  
                     Fixture Design  
                     First Machinery  
                     Tool and Die Shop  
                     Plant Layout  
                     Man count, 12-19-41  
                     Proposed Department Personnel
                Willow Run Vol. 2  
                    Chronology, 1942  
                    Estimated Production and Personnel Requirements  
                    Scheme No. 3  
                    Scheme No. 4  
                    Start of Personnel Training  
                    Man count Report, 1-7-1942  
                    Recruiting Manpower  
                    Training of Women  
                    Orientation and Housing  
                    Information for New Employees  
                    Plant Security  
                    Lofting and Loftboards  
                    Follow up of Dies and Fixtures  
                    Die Coordination and Repair  
                    Operation Sheets  
                    Beginning of Operations  
                    The .01 Ship  
                    Shipping Bomber Assemblies  
                    Airfield and Air Hangar  
                    Aero Medicine  
                    Engineering Research-Altitude Flying  
                    Preparation for Production  
                    First Aid Training and Air Raid Precautions  
                    Army Mechanics Training Program  
                    Two Historic Events  
                    The President Visits Willow Run  
                    Production Progress 
               Willow Run Vol. 3  
                   Chronology, 1943 
                   1943 Production Summary  
                   Outline of Program  
                   Quality Control  
                   List of Block Changes and Hours Required  
                   Changes in Design  
                   Master Change Tooling  
                   The New Nose Turret  
                   Compass Rose and Gun Butt  
                   Shipment of Parts  
                   New Materials Building  
                   A Ride for Every Worker 
                   Worker’s Morale  

    • box 16 Willow Run Vol. 4

                       Assembly of Miscellaneous Parts  
                       Pilots and Bombardiers Enclosure  
                       Redesigning Bomber Nose  
                       Building Bomber Controls  
                       Air Duct Assembly  
                       Metal Tanks  
                       Streamlining the Bomber Engine  
                  Willow Run Vol. 5  
                       The Manufacturing Wing  
                       Shearing of Stock  
                       Forming Bomber Parts (Press Shop)  
                       From Alclad to Framework (Draw Bench)  
                       Machining Bomber Parts  
                  Willow Run Vol. 6  
                       Two Million Rivets  
                       Rivet Storage  
                       Alkroking, Anodyzing, and Cadmium Plate  
                       Floor Plan - Manufacturing, 1944-1945  
                       Tube Bending  
                       Hydraulic Assembly  
                       Seats and Camera Mounts  

    • box 17 Willow Run Vol. 7 

                       Assembly of Small Parts  
                       Metal Tanks  
                       Motor Cowling  
                       Air Ducts  
                       Production Paint  
                  Willow Run Vol. 8  
                       Doors and Hatches  
                       Metallurgical Laboratories  
                       Research Development  
                       Degreasing Chambers  
                       Heat Treat  
                  Willow Run Vol. 9  
                       The Life Stream of the B-24  
                       Production Radio  
                       The Battery Department  
                       Engine Dress Up  
                       Turbo Superchargers  
                       The B-24 Propellers  
                       Empennage Assembly  
                       Dope Room  
                       B-24 Armament  

    • box 18 Willow Run Vol. 10

                       Wing Assembly-New and Old Methods  
                       Spars and Bulkheads Assembly  
                       Assembly on Vertical Fixtures  
                       Machining the Wing  
                       Center Wing Horizontal Line  
                  Willow Run Vol. 11  
                       Painting the Central Wing Section  
                       Landing Gear Installation  
                       Fuel Cells  
                       Outer Wing  
                       Leading and Trailing Edges, Flap Aileron  
                       Wing Tips  
                  Willow Run Vol. 12  
                       Fuselage Assembly-General  
                       Aft Fuselage Assembly  
                       Fuselage Loft  
                       Control Center-Pilot’s and Radio Operation’s Floor  
                       Canopy and Bomb Bay

    • box 19 Willow Run Vol. 13  

                       Final Assembly-Historical  
                       Design and Tooling  
                          Part 1. Stations 0-4  
                          Part 2. Stations 5-9  
                          Part 3. Stations 10-14  
                          Part 4. Stations 15-Hospital  
                          Part 5. Camouflage Booths  
                          Part 6. Fuel for B-24  
                          Part 7. Weighing B-24  
                       Movement of Lines  
                       Testing Flight Instruments  
                  Willow Run Vol. 14  
                       Statistical Flight Summary  
                       Hangar and Airport-General Information  
                       The Hangars  
                       Functions and Operations  
                       Observational Report, by Curtiss Wright Representatives, 1944  
                       Flight Testing B-24  
                       Radio Facilities  
                       Shielded Radio Test Room  
                       Lighting of Airport   
                  Willow Run Vol. 15  
                       Material Control-Introduction  
                       Planning Division  
                       Production Scheduling  
                       Material Flow  
                       Material Control-Organization  
                       Controlled Material Plan  
                       Government Furnished Equipment  
                       Flow of Stock  
                       IBM Equipment  
                       Production Control  
                       Shop Travelers  
                       Tools and General Stores  
                       Spare Parts

    • box 20 Willow Run Vol. 16 
                       Inspection Departments 
                       Fixture, Gauge, and Tool 
                       Final Assembly 
                       Layout, Salvage, and Shipping 
                       Conservation (Salvage Program)  

                  Willow Run Vol. 17  
                       Power House  
                       Water Supply  
                       Sewage Disposal  
                       Rating Waste Treatment  
                       Oil Separators  
                       Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration   
                       Plant Hospital  
                  Willow Run Vol. 18  
                       Engineering - Historical  
                       Engineering Organization  
                       Release of Engineering Information  
                       Making Blueprints  
                       Deviations - Ship Records 
                       Aircraft Service  
                       Tool and Die Design  
                       Bomber Follow-Up  
                       Work Orders and Coordination 

    • box 21 Willow Run Vol. 19

                       Supervisory Personnel  
                       Plant Protection  
                       Willow Run Vaults  
                       The School in its New Building  
                       Army Air Base School  
                       Safety Department  
                       Clean-Up Department  
                       Industrial Relations   
                  Willow Run Vol. 20  
                       Public Relations  
                       Pay Roll Records  
                       Foremen’s Personnel  
                       Rate Department  
                       Time Department  
                       Time Study  
                       Fire Protection  
                  Willow Run Vol. 21  
                       Maintenance – Organization  
                       Production Tool Maintenance  
                       Carpenter Shop  
                       The Fabricating Shop  
                       Crib Construction  
                       The Pipe Shop  
                       Electrical Maintenance  
                       Air Raid Defense  
                       Airport Maintenance  
                       Conveyer System  
                       Craneways by the Mile  
                       Grounds Maintenance  
                       Maintenance – A Summary

    • box 22 Willow Run Vol. 22 
                       Termination of Contract  

                       Clearing the Plant  
                       Dispersal of Manpower  
                       Housing Report (6-1-1945)  
                       Disposal of Material  
                       War Weary Planes Returned  
                       List of Plant Departments  
                       Production Achievement - An Article  
                       Flow of Materials - An Article  
                       Early Development of Plant - A Letter  

    • box 28 B-24 Bombers; Landing Gears, Trailers & Trucks 
  • Acc. 390 A. M. Wibel Office Papers Subseries
    • box 18 Purchase Orders (memoranda to issue purchase orders); Bombers A-M, 1941-1942  
    • box 19 Purchase Orders (memoranda to issue purchase orders); Bombers N-Z, 1941 
    • box 21 Specifications (blueprints); Consolidated Bomber Project (B-24), A-W, circa 1941 (16 folders; alphabetical classification system, see letter code chart in folder A)
  • Acc. 157 C.L. Martindale Otto H. Husen Files Subsubseries
    • box 46 Government Contracts - Bomber, Aug 1943-Dec 1944 
    • box 156 Production Cards – Bomber, April 1943-May 1944 
    • box 157 Production Cards – Bomber, June 1944-June 1945 
    • box 186 Bomber Production Record, 1945 
    • box 208 Government Contracts - B-24 Bomber
  • Acc. 1 Fair Lane Papers 
    • box 174 B-24 Bomber Information Book, Henry Ford's copy, 1942
  • Acc. 6 Edsel B. Ford Office Papers 
    • box 149 BRA-BRY (includes George H. Brett re: production of B-24 bomber) 
    • box 339 Willow Run Bomber Contracts, (Includes diagrams and equipment lists)
  • Acc. 411 Willow Run Bomber Plant Records Subseries 
    • box 1 Willow Run Flow Charts and Procedures, 1941 (Department 981)
  • Acc. 2016.90 Willow Run Bomber Plant Manual 
    • box 1 Binder contains administrative reports and planning materials for B-24 plant 
  • Acc. 80.300.1513.1 Ford Motor Company Engineering Manual; Willow Run Bomber Plant 
  • Acc. 00.1334.253 Service and Training Manual, Electricity, B-24D Airplane, 1942
  • Acc. 71.300.1982 Ford Motor Company B-24 Flight Test Records 
    • box 1 Two binders of notes documenting test flights of B-24 Liberator aircraft, 1943-1945 
  • Acc. 378 Public Relations Research Library Subject Files 
    • box 35 Willow Run; Bomber Construction, 1945
  • Acc. 491 E.A. Walters Papers 
    • box 1 folder B Bomber project, October 6, 1943
                folder C Letter from first trip to Consolidated Aircraft plant, San Diego CA 12/27/1940
                              B-24-D Start Crew list, March 21, 1941
                folder D Consolidated Aircraft letter, June 20, 1941
                              Consolidated Aircraft Corporation manual, 1941
                              Bomber Occupation Instructions and Rates, April 9, 1942
                folder E Photograph of bomber plant
                              Bomber plant organizational chart, October 10, 1941
                folder F Communications to Mr. Walter while working out of Bomber Plant Office

  • Acc. 223 Manufacturing Plant Correspondence Records 
    • box 10 1941 B-24-D Airframe
  • Acc. 674 Emil A. Zoerlein Records
    • box 2 B-24 and P-47 (Functional Parts Lists, Ignition Tests, High Altitude, Photographs)
    • box 3 B-24 and P-47 (Photographs)
    • box 4 B-24 and P-47 (Powerplant)
  • Acc. 687 United States Government Contract Correspondence Series 
    • box 3 Contract 21216 B-24 bomber
  • Small Accessions 
    • Acc. 796 “50,000 Airplanes Per Year. Can It Be Done?” Data of C.E. Sorensen regarding bomber 
                         project, 1/21/1941 
                      Memo reporting conversation with Mr. Pioch at Consolidated Aircraft Corp. in San Diego,

  • Acc. 833 General Photographs Series 
    • box 171-172 Bomber assembly 
    • box 172-177 Bomber plant interiors 
    • box 177-178 Bomber 
    • box 178-179 Bomber in flight 
    • box 179-209 Bomber part
    • box 217-221 Instruction books and service bulletins (images of development, master change and experimental drawings related to B-24 bomber aircraft)
    • box 221 Equipment on B-24J model (2 folders, 467a – 467b)
                    Plexiglass (468a; images related to plexiglass use in B-24 production)
                    Production improvements: Willow Run (469a)
    • box 222 Production improvements: Willow Run (2 folders, 469b – 469c)
                    Bomber production (470a)
                    Bomber plant machinery and tools (3 folders, 471a – 471c)
    • box 223 Bomber plant machinery and tools (471d)  
    • box 228 War-weary bombers returning from European Theatre (2 folders, 481a – 481b)
  • Acc. 1660 Photographic Vertical File 
    • box 169 World War, 1939-1945; Industry; American; Airplanes; B-24 Bombers
                       Aerial Operations (2 folders)
                       Assembly Line Methods (4 folders)
                       Freight and Freightage
    • box 170 World War, 1939-1945; Industry; American; Airplanes; B-24 Bombers
                       Memorials and Monuments 
                       Milestones (3 folders) 



Oral Histories 

Vertical File 

  • Airplanes; Consolidated B-24 
  • World War II; B-24 Liberator Bomber (Willow Run)
       Articles 1940s (3 folders)
       Articles 1970s-present 
       B-24 Construction and Production Analysis



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