Bibliography: Dymaxion House


Dymaxion House Bibliography

This bibliography was compiled by staff of the Benson Ford Research Center’s Archives and Library Department based on materials in our collections. If you have questions about these resources, please use our Submit a Question feature. If you are interested in duplication, please see our Duplication Resources FAQ.


  • Acc. 186 Greenfield Village Building Boxes
    • box 14 Dymaxion House 
                     R. Buckminster Fuller’s “Dymaxion Dwelling Machine: A New Way of Living,”
                        thesis, Christian W. Overland, 1998  
                     Excerpt from “The Historic Structure Report: for the Conservation & Re-Erection of a Dymaxion
                        House,” James Ashby, 1999 Student publication, University of Michigan, 1955 
    • box 15 Dymaxion House 
                     Acquisition by museum, 1992-1994 and undated 
                     Articles, 1929, 1946, 1983, 1992-1994, and undated (2 folders)
                     Buckminster Fuller, 1945-1946, 1960, 1973, and undated 
                     Buckminster Fuller bibliography, 1994 
                     Dymaxion Car, 1933 and 1942-1943 
                     Kitchen, 1940 and undated 
                     Installation instructions, 1990 
                     Patent disposition, contract with Burgess, and status report, 1933 and 1945 
                     Simmons intern report, 1996 
                     Visitor experience information, 2000 and undated

  • Acc. E.I. 340 Dymaxion House Restoration Records 
       includes: photographs, slides, documents and drawings  
       Dymaxion House “as built” drawing sets (available on our Digital Collections website) 
             Set 1: 12 Measurement sketches, 18” x 24” 
             Set 2: 8 drawings, 24” x 36”  
                        Photographs and Prototype Sketch 
                        Foundation Plan, Central Footing Plan, Central Footing and Mast Details Elevation 
                        Cage Plan, Cage Details, Carlin/Gore Plan, Deck Details 
                        Elevation 1, Elevation 2, Elevation 3, Floor Plan 
                        Cross-Sections (3) 
                        Cutaway Axonometric 
                        Wall Cross Section, Deck Street Elevation, Carlin Ring Detail 
                        Sliding Wall 

  •  Acc. E.I. 1929 Edison Institute Photographs  
    • box 85 Henry Ford Museum; Exhibits; Dymaxion House 


  • Fortune Magazine, “Fuller’s House” April 1946, v.33, n.4, p.167 

Oral Histories (materials may be restricted due to format, please contact reference staff in advance for access) 

  • Acc. 0.64 Collection, Research Center Unprocessed Recordings 
    • box 1 "Chet Richards: Buckminster Fuller and Dymaxion House" (undated). Single 60min audiocassette tape and 2 CD-R copies                  
    • box 2 "Herman Wolf: Dymaxion House and Buckminster Fuller" 25 October 2001. Single 120min
                    audiocassette master, 3 audiocassette copies, 6 CD-R copies 


Vertical File 

  • Fuller, R. Buckminster 
  • Henry Ford (Organization); Artifacts; Dymaxion House 


Blog Posts 

Conservation blog posts


*Original drawings of the Dymaxion House are housed at Stanford University as part of the R. Buckminster Fuller Collection  



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