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On our Digital Collections website you can view available images for WWI Ambulances in the collection.  You can als read a little more about the Model T's use in our online blog "Saved by Model T's".  Beyond that there are approximately 6,000 Model T “Experimental” Drawings in the collection dating 1909-1927.  The majority of the drawings are dated 1921-1927.  Some of them have no date or part number.  The only WWI ambulance drawings in the collection are the 23 listed below:

Parts Drawing List (each drawing has one piece of film):

Drawing # Date Detail/Description

SFA 1- RH-2L-H 6/14/1917 Sill Angle Iron

AR-82-34049 6/22/1917 Cowl Frame Repair

SFA-260 12/3/1918 Model T Ambulance Body Assy. - L.H. Side

SFA-261 12/3/18 Sill and Floor Assembly

SFA-263 12/3/1918 Division Panel Assembly

SFA-264 12/3/1918 Roof Assembly

SFA-265 12/3/1918 Tail Gate Assembly

SAF-266 12/3/1918 Sectional View: Folding Seat, Litter Rigging and Litter Trolley System (Right Side)

SFA-267-262 12/3/1918 Side Frame Assembly - Left Side

SFA-271-2 12/3/1918 Tool Box Assembly

SFA-273-4/268-275 12/3/1918 Dispatch Box Assembly

SFA-281-2 12/3/1918 Storm Curtains

SFA-304 10/16/1918 Drive Shaft Extension Sleeve

SFA-305 9/26/1918 Drive Shaft Extension Housing Support

SFA-306 9/26/1918 Brake Rod Extension

SFA-309 9/26/1918 Drive Shaft Extension Sleeve - Pin

SFA-311 10/24/1918 Frame Extension - L.H.

SFA-311 9/26/1918 Frame Extension - L.H.

SFA-314 12/4/1918 Exhaust Pipe LH Control

SFA-314 9/26/1918 Exhaust Pipe LH Control

SFA-320 9/26/1918 Gasoline Tank Support Bolt

SFA-323 10/5/1918 Brake Rod Support (Front)

SK-SFA-339 Sketch Showing Dimensions on Model T chassis for body design

There is also an investigative concept sketch section of the collection.  These 10,000 sketches cover 1911 to 1957 Ford products.  Approximately 500 of these sketches are Model T related but none on Ambulances.

If you would like to order copies of the available drawings there are two services that are offered. The first one is for customers who can visit us onsite in the reading room. The second option is for offsite orders, for those who are unable to visit the reading room.

  • Onsite: You can print out your own copies of parts drawings by using a microfiche reader/printer. The fee is $5 per microfiche. (This service is not available for offsite researchers).
  • **Offsite: You must fill-out, sign, and return with payment, the following Parts Drawing Order Form:
    • Fees: The fee is $30 per drawing.
    • Payments can be made with a credit card or check. If paying by check, make the check out to "The Henry Ford".
    • Copies are delivered as high resolution digital scans on CD.

We accept payment via check or credit card. If you are paying by check, make it out to "The Henry Ford" and mail it to us directly: Benson Ford Research Center, 20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, MI 48124.  If paying by credit card, you can fax the info to us at 313-982-6244.

Standard turn-around time for reply, from receipt of payment, is two weeks.

Beyond that we do have some research material available that might be of interest.  We welcome you to visit our public reading room to access this material:

Acc. 542 Cost Accounting general files
   Box 87 Cost information on Model T Ambulance “Ambulance – first 2,512, 1917” list of parts,
                         Ambulance Report 8-1-1918                           

Acc. 75 Legal Department records series
    Box 54 L-2860 Ambulance File (3 folders) (includes a blueprint of ambulance body)

Acc. 572 Nevins and Hill research
    Box 26 Folder 11.30.3 (folder 6 of 7) War Conditions and Activities. “History of Motor Transport

Acc. 267 World War I Production Contracts series, 1916-1922
    Box 4 900 Ambulances, October 9, 1918
    Box 5 600 Ambulances, November 1, 1918
               136 Ambulances, December 1, 1918
    Box 10 Ambulances; Philadelphia, PA, May 25, 1918
                 4 Ambulances; Ireland, June 13, 1918
                 4 Ambulances; Norfolk, VA, June 18, 1918
    Box 11 Ambulance; Washington, D.C., July 11, 1918
                 Ambulance; San Pedro, CA, July 13, 1918
                 Ambulances; France, August 10, 1918
                 Ambulances; Brooklyn Export & San Diego, CA, September 20, 1918
                 Ambulances; Miami, FL, September 21, 1918
    Box 12 Ambulances, October 21, 1918 (Brooklyn, NY, Wakefield, MA, Cape May, NJ, San Diego, CA,
                    Chatham, MA, Washington, D.C., Glen Burnie, MD, Norfolk, VA, Charleston, SC , Boston, MA,
                    Paris Island)

Acc. 833 Photographs
     Box 94 Folder 250A Commercial Trucks
     Box 293-299 Folders 611a-619d Army trucks and Ambulances, WWI

Acc. 1660 Photographs
     Box 167 WWI-Ambulances

Oral Histories

65_149 William F. Pioch (p. 21)
65_136 James O’Connor (p. 33-34)
65_216 E. A. Walters (p. 69-70)

Vertical File

World War I – Ambulances (includes manual for SFA ambulance, 1918)

We hope this information is of assistance and please let us know if you have any further questions. 

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